Book Review Year-in-Review

One year ago today, I posted my first book review.  I want to thank you all for reading about and discussing the 30 books I reviewed over the past year.  I thought it would be fun to share some information with you about this blog’s first 365 days.

5 Most Popular Posts:

1.  King Dork
2.  Urbanism Without Effort
3.  Artemis Fowl
4.  Why We Broke Up
5.  The Watch that Ends the Night

Best-Reviewed Category (with at least 2 reviews)

classic fiction, with an average review of 4.6

Worst-Reviewed Category (with at least 2 reviews)

history, with an average review of 2.5

13 non-fiction books reviewed

17 fiction books reviewed

And here is my ranking of the books I read this past year, from bad to life-changing:

30.  The Force of Reason
29.  The Wealth and Poverty of Nations
28.  Under the Banner of Heaven
27.  Artemis Fowl
26.  Annie John
25.  I Remember
24.  The Name of the Wind
23.  Skin Game and After the Dark
22.  Beautiful Creatures
21.  Disgrace
20.  The Mansion of Happiness
19.  The Host
18.  Between Women
17.  The Man Who Knew Too Much
16.  Why We Broke Up
15.  Life Itself
14.  Their Eyes Were Watching God
13.  To the Lighthouse
12.  Urbanism Without Effort
11.  Cannery Row
10.  King Dork
9.  Mortal Instruments
8.  Me Before You
7.  The White Album
6.  The Watch that Ends the Night
5.  Cum Laude
4.  You Remind Me of You
3.  Mrs. Bridge
2.  Sense and Sensibility
1.  Boys and Girls

2 comments on “Book Review Year-in-Review

  1. Rachel says:

    I did read one of your books! Sense and Sensibility. My version had notes that made the story much more meaningful because they provided great context about what was going on in history, what words used to mean, etc. I, too, loved the well-developed characters but found Marianne’s antics tiresome at times. I’m reading Persuasion now and love it so far.

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